S.M. Engineering Works is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, to act responsibly to protect the environment, and to be recognized by the communities in which we live and work as an excellent employer and corporate neighbor.

Conduct all company activities and operations in a manner that makes personal safety and environmental considerations a priority.

Integrate personal safety procedures into our business operations and daily activities.

Ensure the commitment and responsibility of S.M. Engineering management to create and cultivate a workplace for our employees where recognized hazards are controlled and where all individuals are active participants and contributors.

Partner with suppliers and the community to protect and improve the workplace, community, and environment.

Measure our performance regularly and provide employees and customers appropriate information on our personal safety programs and activities.

We have invested a huge commitment to quality and safety standards through the industries leading accreditation schemes in order to ensure our clients receive the best possible service.

British Standards

We ensure British Standards compliance in all our work incorporating BS7671 (2008) for electrical installations, BSEN62305 for lightning protection systems and verification, BS5839 for fire alarm installation and maintenance and BS5266 for emergency lighting.