At ETIMAAD, contributing towards QHSE global, national & organizational objectives is an uncompromised value for our business conduct. Men and women at ETIMAAD make an individual commitment to do everything to ensure minimal harm to people, environment and assets in achieving our QHSE performance objectives for sustainable development. True to its pioneering spirit, ETIMAAD relies on the rich experience, diversity and entrepreneurial attitude of its employees in achieving complete customer satisfaction and believes in equitable sharing of wealth with its principal resources including employees.

It is ETIMAAD’s policy to:

  • Develop and integrate management system framework by incorporating QHSE standards in every process related to our business.
  • Assign accountability to all management levels.
  • Understand and comply with applicable legal, regulatory & statutory standards and other requirements.
  • Apply systematic and measurable approach to continually improve upon our QHSE culture and performance.
  • Implement structured training programs and monitor its effectiveness to retrain staff and seek opportunities for competence enhancement of stakeholders.
  • Establish critical QHSE parameters to monitor QHSE performance of our system and improve upon through consistent feedback, analysis & benchmarking most recognized industrial norms to stand out in the market as a leader in the field.
  • Take lead in controlling and mitigating potential risks associated with people, land, air, ecology and assets.
  • Communicate this policy to stakeholders and encourage them to participate in QHSE process performance improvement initiatives and reward individual and team performance consistently.
  • We are strongly committed to prevention of injury, ill health and continual improvement of our OH&S management system and OH&S performance.
  • We believe that all accidents are preventable. We continuously strive for zero defects preferably through proactive measures.
  • Living by the values of ETIMAAD we contribute in cultural development through team works and active participation.